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Simple Test To Determine If You Are A Natural Entrepreneur


It is easy to tell if you are a successful entrepreneur in the making or just another average Kamau, Otieno, Kimutai, Mwanyigha, Wakesho or Juma out there. Just take this simple test below and let’s see how you perform.

If you score less than 5/10 then you really have a long way to go. Those who score 7/10 are average entrepreneurs. 8/10 onwards is reserved for the super-entrepreneurs.

1. Are you observant and fast in spotting new opportunities?

Great entrepreneurs have a nose for opportunities. They can tell a good venture from miles away. And when they spot new opportunities, they are quick to evaluate them to see if they have the potential to be converted into real business. 

N/B: Great entrepreneurs spend at least 10 minutes on the internet per day just to catch up with the latest trends.

2. Do you care about your health?

A typical CEO has to make hundreds of decisions in a day, stand behind the podium giving speeches, travel for long distances and perform many other engaging physical activities. You have to be in good shape to perform all these functions without fail. Good diet, proper exercise and a positive state of mind are quite important here.

*3. Do you find happiness in other’s success? *

Great entrepreneurs are quick to complement their colleagues when they achieve a milestone. They are not selfish; they work hard to inspire others to be as great as them. They don’t despise upcoming talent, instead they look for ways to nurture it.

4. Are you always eager to try new things?

You won’t believe it; most successful entrepreneurs get bored easily. They can’t stand being in the same position or situation for too long. They like exploring things chap chap; exploring new things and enjoy meeting new people. When they are not planning to launch the next biggest business concept, they are figuring out how to fly to the moon.

5. You don’t just think big, you think biggest

You, probably, have been told that you have to “Think Big” to succeed. But while thinking big is vital in life, successful entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking “bigger” than common people. When other people are talking of becoming millionaires, great entrepreneurs dream of raking in billions.

6. Are you a great reader?

Great entrepreneurs are not only thirsty for new ideas and opportunities, but they are always out there feeding their minds with raw information. They read books, magazines, newspaper and watch news. 

Most importantly, they take some minutes of their time just to read useful content being posted on social media and blogs. Actually, the fact that you are reading this article, shows clearly that you are a great entrepreneur in the making.

7. Are you a “people” person?

Are you the type of person who showers others with positive energy? Successful entrepreneurs are warm people. They bring happiness, where there is sadness. Light, where there is darkness. Soberness, where there is confusion. Most importantly, they create a warm community of employees, suppliers and relatives in their circles.

8. Lack of capital does not deter you from pursuing your dreams

Many of today’s business empires were started from scratch. But why are they thriving today? Because someone dared to take risks even without adequate start-up capital. 

In short, it does not matter how much you have in your bank account today. How big your dreams are and how ready you are to keep pushing on is what actually counts.

9. You are lazy!

Bill Gates was once quoted saying “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” 

Laziness is good when you are an entrepreneur because it will push you to get innovative. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of hard-workers in Kenya, only a shortage of innovative people – and there lays your opportunity to succeed.

10. Are you a problem solver?

Entrepreneurs are keen to identify problems that exist in the society moving swiftly to resolve them.

Think about MPESA; an idea born out of a problem we all faced some time back – sending money across the country. 

Think about the INTERNET; a concept born out of the need for seamless communication across the globe. 

Now think about some of the problems that your society is facing today, and come up with a solution – if you can do that, then you are an entrepreneur in the making.


What did you score? Are you an average entrepreneur or a super entrepreneur?

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Most people who think about starting a business usually don`t consider writing a business plan.

I have read from different business experts about the fact that most start-up entrepreneurs do not write a business plan but what I have not read from anyone is why this is so.

Why is it that most people have fear (so to say) about writing a business plan?

I know the answer.

You see, there are many myths and lies you probably have heard about the subject of business plan. 

Some people present business plan as if it was a university thesis or an academic report to be defended before certain professors. 

Other people think that a business plan has to be 50 pages long and that it must be written in a certain “approved” format.

Well, I am here to tell you that all those opinions are not valid. 

Because there are some ugly lies around this important business step, most people are “afraid” of doing it.

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