It doesn’t really matter what you are selling or producing in Kenya, it’s all about how you sell whatever you are selling.


Any foolish guy can start any business in Kenya, only a smart guy can make a business successful.


Your business skills are what will make your business successful.


What are your business strategies?


What do you know about marketing?


What do you know about your competitors and how are you planning to kill them etc, are what you can call business ideas.


These are the real things that make a business successful in Kenya … not what you are producing or selling.


Business is not about producing things or selling it … just anybody can do that … and millions of people are doing just that … without any success.


Business is not about what you are selling, but about how you sell it, how you cope and win the war in the market place.


We have been posting a lot of business ideas articles in this group. But without business skills, your chances of making it in business are very slim.


In the battle field, strategy is far important than weapons.


War is 80% of tactics and 20% of weapons.


Go and ask soldiers. Generals know that their major work is in working tactics, not in weapons.


Take for instance, if Kenya and South Africa need to fight in a war (God forbid), who will win? The army with guns?




Both countries can afford the most sophisticated guns and bombs … the army that wins Is the one with superior tactics (I say tactics)


So it is in business.


If I tell you to go and start xyz business in your town because it is profitable in Kenya, you can be sure that there are people already in that xyz business in your town.


If I advise you that the best business to start this year is NYR, you can be sure that one of your friends is among those who are already selling the exact product/services.


Just as any country can afford to buy most sophisticated weapons to fight, any foolish man can start any business.


To make profit with your business in Kenya, the name of the business ideas you need is called, ‘’business tactics’’.


What is this business tactics? Its about killing your competitors.




Let me show you by asking you some great questions:


What product can you produce better or cheaper than people who are producing it now?


What service can you render faster or easier than people rendering it now?


What talent do you have which you can easily sharpen and commercialize?


What is that product that made you angry the last time you bought it because it is substandard?


If it did make you angry, it probably made one thousand other people angrier.


How can you produce a better version of that product?


When last did you pay for a service and hissed because you were badly served? How can you render a superior service in this area?


What products/services do you see people complaining about or in need of?


Go ahead and fill that gap!


Making money with any business idea is nothing but looking for ways to do it better, faster or cheaper.


Discovering profitable business opportunities is about filling a gap … nothing more.


Believe me, if you will think, and think very well, you will discover some brilliant business opportunities you are looking for.


Why is this approach better than telling you what and what are the profitable business ideas in Kenya?


Because, take for instance, if I tell you that starting a private school business is a very hot business and you are someone who is not patient and who hates teaching, there is no way you can succeed or make money.


But if you start a business because you can produce a product better, you can render a service better, or by turning your talent into a business, wow, a great business success!


A great business success because you are likely to love that business and who doesn't know that you are fifty times more likely to succeed when you are doing what you love doing than if otherwise?


Come on friend! Business is different from a job.


You can be working at a job you hate (though you won`t enjoy your life, you will be receiving a salary). If you start a business, you hate it because someone said it is profitable, and you will hate yourself and make no money.

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