Are you in between jobs, seeking self-employment, or simply want to start a side hustle to supplement your income?

There are numerous businesses you can start, but you may be limited by the amount of money needed for capital. Don’t be discouraged, there are some business ideas that you can start with as little as Ksh.2,000.

One such business is selling jewelry.

Women love looking pretty and will spend cash to ensure they stay that way. You can never go wrong with selling things like earrings, rings, necklaces, body chains, hair jewelry, watches, bangles, etc.

*Where to get them*

The best street to purchase jewelry wholesale is Dubois Street which is off Accra Road. Both sides of Dubois road are lined with shops selling jewelry, makeup, innerwear, and hair extensions.

Avoid purchasing items from stores that are near the entrance to any building, as they tend to be expensive. Choose a day when you can visit Dubois road and walk around without a hurry. For every shop that you visit, ask for prices so that you can compare them later on.

*What can you buy?*

So you have Ksh.2,000 and you are wondering what to purchase. Watches range from Ksh.150 – Ksh.300 depending on the design, so at that price, you can expect between 6 to 13 watches.

If you sell them at Ksh.250 or Ksh.500 for both, then you can expect to make a profit of either Ksh.100 or Ksh.200 per watch.

Earrings go for Ksh.50 a pair, meaning you will get 20 pairs. Sell them at either Ksh.100 or Ksh.150 and make a profit of either Ksh.2,000 or Ksh.3,000.

Rings go for Ksh.100 each and can be sold for Ksh.150

*Where to sell?*

So now you have your items and are wondering where to sell them. Start with colleagues and friends. Then move on to family as well. Utilize WhatsApp to share pictures of the items you have. You can also share them on your Instagram or Facebook page.

Decide on the percentage of the profits you will pay yourself, and how much you will use to inject back into the business in order to increase your stock. As your business grows, so will your profit.

*Some Inspiration For Our Youth*

Martha Kirobi Waceke, a graduate of Dedan Kimathi University, has been doing this kind of business for a couple of years. She started her Facebook Page (Adore Jewelry).

In her own words “This is like my small shop where the world comes to see and buy my jewelry, I have no regret choosing social media to market my merchandise.”

Martha started selling jewelry while still on campus and to date, she candidly adds that there is no need for one to tarmac looking for a white-collar job. “There are many opportunities that lie unused out there, it is upon (the youth) to identify and make good use of them,” adds Martha.

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