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Whatsapp is Working on an Edit Feature for sent Messages

 Whatsapp is working on an edit message button for sent messages which will enable users to be able to edit sent messages. This new feature will let users edit sent messages at any time. 

Currently, users are only able to delete sent messages only within the 1 hour timespan of sending them. This new feature will come in handy to users and offer a much needed service which is turning out to be a trending need because we are only humans and we are not able to write perfect messages all the times.

Through a twitter account @WABetainfo it has been revealed that the feature was initially planned 5 years ago but was disabled by default.

Whatsapp Users Demands That We Would Like 

It will be interesting to see other features such as 2Gb file sharing limit, scheduling messages, group polls, Group admins being able to delete messages, silent group exits, and increasing the number of people who are able to be in a group, 1 minutes status, theme changes for the application and the ability to hide online status to selected contacts.

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