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How to Start Agriculture / Farming Business in Kenya


Are you interested in starting a farming business in Kenya? This is a worthwhile endeavor that you will not be disappointed with. Hopefully, this article will encourage you to push on and carry on with the plan. 

It is very common to want to start farming at whatever age but how to start is where we always find a puzzle. Here are some tips to consider when starting out.

First things first you need to start. A common saying that we have heard over and over again is that when we start we have already accomplished things halfway. The second most important thing to consider is the location of the farm. A proper farm needs to be in a place that will enable you as a farmer to get all the necessary raw materials such as food for the livestock and water too. If your farm is located just anywhere, no one will find you easily. If the farm is located near a busy main road or near a market, you will be able to sell your produce.

The single most important factor in starting a business is always capital. You will need a lot of money or plan your farming activities according to the budget to ensure that you have enough left to do other things. It is always advisable to start small and scale up as you continue.  Supplying a small amount of one item leaves the market off to other people to take over from you. Therefore, prioritizing on supply of essential products will enable you to have a good customer base that will remain loyal to you as you scale up. Adequate capital will also enable you to feed your farm animals well and will help them to produce quality products. It is therefore important to enroll in training on specific farming such as poultry farming to ensure that you do not waste resources on overfeeding your animals and get meager returns. 

The last aspect to consider that any farmer will tell you about is the season. There are many seasons that dictate how plants grow. No matter what time of the year it is, you will need to build a shelter for your animals and crops if you're creating an organic farm from scratch.

Here is what you need to know about seasons:

Spring is a great time of year to start your business. The weather is nice and warm, but not too hot. it's also that time of year when you need to get seeds in the ground for tomatoes or lettuce, depending on where you live. The summer months are perfect if you want to raise livestock. You can buy chicks and goats that need to be raised until they are old enough to be sold. Fall is also a great time of year if you want to raise cows. Cows can give birth in both spring and fall, so you always have cows that don't require much work on your part until they are old enough to sell.

In conclusion, starting farming is a wonderful thing. It is important to consider all the above tips as well as to consult with the experts on this. In short, when farming, learning is nonstop. There is always a better way of doing farming that will get you tremendous results. If you are interested in learning about other farming methods here is a list of articles where you can get to learn more too.

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