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91 Websites to Make Your Life Easier - Crazy & Amazing Websites Hacks

Are you looking to make your life easier? Worry no more. With the advent of technology, everything has become easier to handle and manage. It is relatively easier now to do some tasks that would have required countless skills and experience. And for that, we thank the continuous efforts of developers and engineers who make different tools. 

Through thorough research of the Internet, we have managed to find some of the best websites which can make your life much easier. If this article helps you out, feel free to share the good word with your friends too. Without much further ado.

Keep reading to discover lesser-known sites that may change your life. You won't find all of them useful, but I guarantee that at least one of them will seriously impress you.

Here are the websites that we have come across:

  1. theinpaint.com- to remove logos and watermarks from pics.
  2. available.fyi-check if a username is available.
  3. postly-social media manager and content scheduler
  4. newprofilepic.com - to animate profile pictures and come up with creative profile pictures
  5. namify.tech - free tool to come up with domain names and social media accounts.
  6. tuberanker- use this tool to generate amazing video titles.
  7. removeit.io- to remove background from videos in seconds
  8. cutout.pro-one click video background
  9. zubtitle- add video captios and headlines automatically 
  10. pictalio- for stock videos 
  11. mazwai.com-free drone stocks
  12. contentrow-viral ideas for your videos
  13. getmunch.com- tool to convert your youttube video to an article. 
  14. submitjuice- submit your startup to directories
  15. uxwing- tool to find hundred of royalty FREE icons for your projects.
  16. bestaffiliateprograms.io- find the best affilite programs that pay high commissions.
  17. whattotweet.com-tells you what to tweet 
  18. tool to download youtube video faster- add the words "pi" after the word youtube and between the fullstop. it should look like this: youtubepi.com. Do this on any youtube video URL.
  19. opensourcealternative-tool to find alternative opensource softwares and sites.
  20. vidIQ extension- shows you analytics of different youtube videos and tiktoks
  21. superseotips. Click on this website to get amazing seotips.
  22. bgrem- tool to remove video background.
  23. webcream- toool to write website artiles for you.
  24. yaytext.com- tool to create fancy font for your website.
  25. portent.com - to make catchy viral headlines and titles
  26. inksprout- powerful tool to convert blogs to videos
  27. lordicon- to get animated icons for your videos
  28. discoverprofile-tool to find anyones social media profile
  29. magiceraser- remove unwanted things from images and photos for free.
  30. watermarkremover.io-to removerwatermarks from photos
  31. similarweb.com- tool to identify all traffic channels and keywords for your competition.
  32. allthefreestock.com- tool to find royalty free videos,photos, audios,mockups and everthing
  33. tweetideas.ml -keep clicking for new ideas for tweets and social media content
  34. notjustanalytics-to see if someone is useing follow and unfollow method
  35. inboundnow- to generate content ideas and amazing hooks
  36. retoucher.com- to resize any image for social media for free
  37. reallygoodemails.com- best marketing examples for big brands
  38. Hot.TrendPop.Social-findviral tiktok sounds and creators
  39. TextAI- create content without even writing
  40. Predisai - create graphics, copy and hashtags
  41. pika.rishimohan.me - get amazing screenshots
  42. logotouse.com- download free logos
  43. contentideas.io- to find viral trending content
  44. marketingexamples.com- best marketing and copywriting examples
  45. Nocopyrightsounds- youtube channel for nocopyright music
  46. upscale.media -free image enhancer
  47. poet.so - make tweets into pictures
  48. ytubetool.com-see youtube tags of your competitors
  49. prepostseo.com- free tools for your seo
  50. imagetocartoon.com- image to cartoon
  51. podda.io -find podcasts
  52. namy.ai-ai tool to help with new business and domain name
  53. targetbear.com - find hidden target interests for facebook ads
  54. minulle.xyz- to check youtube thumbnails and titles before you post.
  55. brandbird.app - get themed profilepictures
  56. blurweb.app -blur out texts
  57. moodly.site - free background sounds
  58. upbeat.io - free music for content creators
  59. tinywow.com- tools to convert docs to any format
  60. mockupbro.com- free product mockup tool
  61. quotescover.com-instagram-carousel-maker free Instagram carousel maker
  62. phlanx.com -find the instagram engagement on any public account
  63. captionplus.app- Get limitless Instagram captions
  64. namelix.com-business name generators.
  65. bookstash.io- use this to get a a summary of a book.
  66. extract.pics - extract images in bulk
  67. designify- create 100s of images for your brand
  68. archive.md -read articles behind pay wall/signup
  69. deadlinkreport.com- free website analysis
  70. blockifyyourself- crazy profile pic
  71. goodemailcopy.com- good copy emails that companies use.
  72. flexjobs.com and remoteok.com- websites to find 6 figure jobs
  73. Project naptha - chrome extension to copy edit text on images online
  74. imgupscaler.com-upscaler enhance images for free
  75. mixkit.co videos +music + image templates
  76. cleanup.pictures - clean pictures online
  77. sipreads - books takeaways
  78. afluencer.com- tool to find influencers
  79. related:cnn.com - use "related:" to find related websites online [Google Search Hack]
  80. shadowban.eu - to check if you are shadowbanned on twitter
  81. clouddevs.com- free stock images
  82. ideasai.net -free business ideas
  83. nomadlist.com -best place to live as a nomad
  84. socialblade.com- check youtube money earnings of channels
  85. vreel.com-drone stock footage
  86. veed.io, headliner.app, subly -free video subtitles for your video
  87. find keyword ideas for Facebook ads. - press spacebar while searching on google
  88. meetglimpse.com- find trending products for shopify dropshipping
  89. freewebtraffic- publish content, quora, reddit
  90. sparktoro.com- find trending content
  91. spark studio, ripl, for codesign, inshot, ig stories - to get animated videos
  92. bgeraser.coma smart app that allows you to remove anything from an image, such as people, car, food, logo, and watermarks
  93. cutdown.app - A website that recrops videos into social media formats while using AI to trach the subject automatically.

There are more tools that continue to pop up. Be sure to check this article regularly to keep up with these amazing websites which provide amazing hacks.

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