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Social Commerce, Tushop raises $3M in pre-seed funding

 Kenyan Social-Commerce platform, Tushop founded in 2021 has raised $3 million in pre-seed funding. The platform which enables group-buying of fast-moving consumer goods enables affordable shopping for Kenyans. 

It is estimated that community group buying saves customers more than 60% while providing the convenience of free delivery. The startup works well with appointed community leaders who are tasked with collecting grocery orders from their neighbors. 

Tushop has several angel investors such as Flutterwave CEO, GB, Sundial Group President, Raja Kaul, Apollo Agriculture CEO, Eli Pollak and Chipper Cash Director of Growth, Ida Mannoh.

The founder, Cathy Chepkemboi believes that the platform is quite unique to the Kenyan market as they have repeat customers. 


Tushop Founder, Cathy Chepkemboi:

"We have grown up experiencing the problem of unaffordable food on the one hand and the need to have additional ‘side hustles’ on the other because of persistently low incomes. We also have first-hand experience of the difficulties manufacturers face when moving goods through a fragmented supply chain, which creates distance between them and the customers they serve. We are therefore hyper-focused on delivering a superior experience for suppliers, ‘side-hustling’ Community Leaders, as well as our end-customers in an integrated manner"

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