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How To use HELB Portal 2023 Update


This is the ultimate guide to learn how to use and access the HELB Student Portal Online and get to apply for a student loan. This guide goes over registration, how to log in, and how to apply for an online HELB loan.

How to Create A HELB Student Portal Account

It is important to have an account first if you are to access HELB services. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to HELB portal website.

Step 2: Under the Applicants Account Creation, fill in the form with the required details and click the sign-up button to create your account. You will be required to activate your account via email. (A link will be sent asking you to click it to enable activation)

Step 3: Head back to the HELB website and enter your login details to access your account.

Step 4: Make sure all the account information is well filled out. (Update if required and select save.) It is possible to change details about your county, constituency, and employment status in the BIODATA tab under the personal information. Make sure you save the changes made.

Step 5: Under the Loans App, there are a number of loan products that appear.

Step 6: Select the loan product that you prefer and download and print the loan application forms.

You will be required to take them to the relevant authorities mentioned such as guarantors and have them signed and stamped as required. Remember to all provide accurate information about yourself.

 HELB loan products for Non-Salaried Applications Required Details

1. Constituency Loan Application Forms - Embu, Tinderet, Naivasha, Igembe, Karachuonyo, Awendo.

2. TVET for Tertiary Institutions.

3. TVET for Tertiary Institutions Second and Subsequent.

4. Afya Elimu Fund Subsequent Loan Application.

5. First time and Subsequent Afya Elimu Fund Application.

6. Visa Oshwal Scholarship.

7. Undergraduate First Time Applicants.

8. Undergraduate Second and Subsequent.

9. Undergraduate Loan Review/Appeals.

HELB Loan Products for Salaried Applications Required Details.

1. Training Revolving Fund (TRF) for Civil Servants

2. KRA Staff Loan Application Form

3. Postgraduate Scholarship

4. Alternative Loans for Undergrad,

5. Alternative Loans for Postgrad

How to Apply For a HELB Loan

In order to apply for a HELB loan, you require to have the following:
1. A copy of your National Identification card. 

2. A valid bank account. Students should open accounts in the following banks: KCB bank, National Bank of Kenya, Cooperatibe Bank of Kenya, Post Bank, and Equity Bank.

3, A valid KRA pin from Kenya Revenue Authority.

4. Parent (s)/ guardian particulars ( Names, Copies of National ID, marital status, education level, income source, employee details, current payslip, and employee No, if the parent is employed.)

5. Parents Death Certificate. (In cases where the parent is dead)

6. 3 copies of recent colored passport size photographs

7. Copies of KCSE and KCPE result slips.

8. Provision of 3 guarantors who are employed.

HELB Loan Application Tips to Follow For Successful Application

1. Students need to read the HELB loan application instructions carefully before filling out the loan application forms.

2. Ensure that the names, and other important details such as date of birth, bank details, degree, and school.

3. Accuracy is important in the declaration of household expenses and income.

4. Students need to ensure that all those required to sign and stamp have done so. This includes an individual signature, parent signature, religious leader signature, magistrate or commissioner of oaths signature.

5. Countercheck all the stated information in the documents from you as well as other important people who you are required to get a signature from.

When To apply for the HELB Loan

Loan application period is between April and July. HELB also provides loan assistance to Postgraduate students based on their academic merit. Applicants are required to pay KES. 3000 as a processing fee.

HELB Terms and Conditions To be Followed At All Times

1. HELB requires its users to have existing accounts on the new website which was launched in February 2014.

2. Users are required to ensure that their email address is accessible as all HELB communications will be through the email.

3. Users need to ensure that their National ID Number is correct when signing up.

4. Users should indicate their county and constituency of origin as this enables them to view specific loan offerings in each county/constituency while applying for a loan.

5. In order to access loan products, users will need to rightly indicate their employment status. Users need to also fully complete registration so that loan products are available to them.

6. You will be able to correct your county/constituency/employment status details by clicking on apply on the undergraduate application, selecting update county/constituency/employment status under the personal information tab.

How to check for HELB loan Status

There exist two ways to check for HELB loan Status.

Option 1: Using the website

1. Go to the HELB portal website and sign in.

2. Click on Loan Reports.

3. Using the drop-down menu, select disbursement and statement.

4. Check the form that appears under the disbursement option. The form will indicate loan disbursement status. 

Option 2: Checking bank account or through SMS.

Banks such as Equity Bank, Postbank, National Bank are able to have first loan dispensing services upon approval by HELB. 

For students using National Bank, it is possible to check for their loan status by using a smart card which is divided into three options: Tuition, Upkeep, and general use. The money in the tuition section is withdrawable.

It is also possible to check for the HELB loan status through SMS. For a student to do so, they are required to create a new message with a # symbol which matches the query, then follow it with an ID number. Send the SMS message to 5122.

Example of how to do this: Send the SMS in this formats:

1. To Enquire about undergraduate loan balance:  Use keyword 'BALUG' as follows, BALUG#IDno, then send the SMS message to 5122.

2. To register in the HELB database: Use Keyword: 'REGISTER' as follows, REGISTER#IDno

Note To Postgraduates

HELB Loans attract an interest of 4% per annum. Students are therefore required to pay of their loan balance after graduation. HELB however provides a 1 year grace period after graduation before one is able to start loan repayments.

Checking on Loan Repayment Progress 

1. Visit HELb Loan Portal and sign in.

2. Select Online Services.

3. Select Clearance Certificate.

4. Select Print to generate HELB Loan Repayment Certificate.

Common Mistakes To Avoid in HELB Loan Applications

There are common HELB loan application mistakes that students make that can make their loan application to be rejected. 

1. A HELB loan application can get rejected if it has not met the requirements mentioned above. The good thing with HELB is that they provide evidence on why the loan was rejected. The HELB Board is required by law to provide loan services to all government-sponsored students in public universities. They need to provide an elaborate explanation as to why the loan application was rejected.

2. It is important to make the loan application within the stipulated time. Late delivery of forms is not accepted even though an extension of the deadline is given.

3. A HELB loan application can get rejected if it is missing the required signatures and stamps.

4. A HELB loan application can be rejected if it is missing the required documents.

5. HELB turns down applications that have scanned copies of documents and not original documents.

6. For Second and Subsequent Loan Applications, it is important to have the forms signed and stamped by the dean of students. If not stamped, it is ultimately rejected.

In cases where the HELB Loan Application is Rejected, students are provided with the ability to appeal or reject the offer. This is in cases where you as a student feel that the loan is underfunded. In such cases, be ready to provide enough evidence on time. Students also have the option to reject the loan offer if they feel it is underfunded.

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