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Twitter Flock - A Close Friends Twitter Feature?


Twitter is working on its own Close Friends feature which will be called Twitter Flock in a bid to offer the same feature as Instagram.

The new feature will make tweets available to only a small group of followers in this case "Trusted Friends."

 A Twitter user by the name Alessandro Paluzzi managed to leak this feature ahead of its release and shared the screenshot used above. 

In the screenshot, only 150 followers will be able to be added to a Twitter Flock and only members who are part of a certain Twitter Flock will be able to view the tweet and interact with it by replying or liking.

Twitter users will also get to decide if they can add or remove followers from their flock whenever they want to. 

The best thing about it is that users will not be notified if they are removed from a Flock. However, users will be able to know if they are removed as Twitter will inform them that they are added to a Flock.

Twitter will continue to work on the feature until it is rolled out. Currently, the social media giant has not shared any information about the new feature.

Are you now well informed? 

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