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Safaricom Reveals its Big $100 million plans in Ethiopia

Top Safaricom Executives during the launch of Safaricom Ethiopia


Safaricom Ethiopia has revealed it has big plans in Ethiopia. 

The East African Tech Giant is building a 100 million dollar data center in Addis Ababa. 

Addis Fortune News reports that the data center was initially assembled in China and will later be

 shipped to Djibouti once completed. The majority of Safaricom's executives say that

the data center is part of a 300 million dollar investment that they have budgeted for in  

the first year of Safaricom operating in Ethiopia.

In the near future, Pedro Rabacal, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Safaricom Ethiopia,

 the company will aim to install similar data centers in Adama and Dire Dawa as its operations scale up. 

The Ethiopian market is promising and it is a big reason why Safaricom decided to shift its focus to 

the 110 million markets. Safaricom is currently fast-tracking its operations in order to meet its license


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