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New Twitter NFT Feature to boost NFT Discovery

Starting from today, Twitter users who own NFT's on various crypto wallets will be able to display them on their Twitter profile as their profile picture. This move sees Twitter try to join the buzz around NFTs.

The new feature will be available to users of Twitter's Blue subscription service. Twitter is aiming to put itself as a network where NFT fanatics can explore different NFTs. 

NFTs were a trending topic last year, 2021 with most digital crypto websites competing to ensure that their users get to purchase, learn and create them on their platforms. 

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can be used as vouchers to determine the authenticity of any virtual/ digital product such as music and digital art. The best thing about NFTs is that they can be tracked and traded on the blockchain network which is a digital ledger that keeps track of every crypto transaction.

Esther Crawford, Twitter's Product lead shed more light on the company's direction by stating that Twitter was positioning itself to be the NFT social network discovery. "We want to support this growing interest among creators to use decentralized apps to manage virtual goods and currencies. This is just still very early days for us, but we wanted to build something that is a utility for this community that they could start interacting with right now." 

The new feature launched on Friday will enable NFT profile pictures to be distinguishable from other normal Twitter profile pictures. The NFT profiles will appear as hexagons rather than the standard circles that users are accustomed to. Twitter users will also be able to discover information about the NFT by tapping it.

Twitter also added the feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers who are using Apple Inc's iOS devices.

Features of the Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue offers its users certain features which enable them to undo Tweets, customize the Twitter app icon, and now upload NFT's as their profile pictures. 

The subscription aims to supplement revenue from the advertising revenue that the platform offers. 

Users in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S can access the Twitter Blue subscription which will cost them about $ 2.99 a month. 

Courtesy: The Wall Street Journal

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