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Kenya's First Electric Public Bus - The Future Is Electric


Netizens were treated to an exciting video on Twitter yesterday of a public grey bus which had the words THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC displayed on the bus.

This bus functions just as a normal bus would. It also moves the same way. What's the difference?

It's Electric!

Yes, the bus is the first-ever electric bus in Kenya from Kenyan-Swedish Firm Opibus.

The bus was designed and developed in Africa through outsourcing from different local manufacturers and global suppliers. 

Opibus are behind the whole innovation whose main goal is making Africa's public transport system electricity powered.

The company's key to the technology is the Opibus proprietary electric vehicle platform which is modular and can be used as a basis for making other vehicles.

It will be interesting to see how the technology can be applied to other vehicle models and how Africa in general will treat this new innovation.

Opibus aims to lower the costs of importing buses, maintenance costs, and operation costs. Additionally, the company's electric bus boasts a performance advantage over other traditional diesel buses.

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