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How To link Your Bank Card to PayPal in Kenya

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This is a complete guide on how to link your PayPal Account to your bank account.

It is good to know that it is possible to link your Bant ATM card with your PayPal. Currently, PayPal accepts all Kenyan Bank accounts. 

Follow these steps to link your Bank Card to Paypal.

1. Head over to the Summary tab once you have logged in to your PayPal account.

2. Once there, you will see the Bank accounts and cards section which appears on the left side of the sidebar. Click on the Add A Bank Account or Card button which will redirect you to the PayPal Wallet.

3. In this step, you can skip adding your Bank Account information. Head over to the link to a card button. While here, you will be required to fill in your card information. Input your full name as it is displayed on the card. The card number should not be confused with the account number rather it is the long number divided into four sections. Lastly, the CSC digits are the last three numbers that appear on the back of the card.

4. Click Save. This action will prompt PayPal to debit Ksh 250 from your account balance. The good thing is that the money is later refunded after you complete the steps.

5. Paypal will require you to input a code to confirm that it is you. In some cases, they send a certain code to your mobile number while sometimes it is sent to the Bank. In such a scenario, visit the Bank which will provide you with the code to confirm the process.

Be sure to follow these steps so as to link successfully your bank account to your PayPal.

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