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Buying a Work/College Laptop in Kenya in 2023

This is the complete guide of factors to look for when purchasing a laptop for either work or college. In this guide, we look at the most overlooked features that you should look out for when deciding on what to buy. how to get a free laptop in Kenya

With many laptops picks to choose from, buying a laptop can be a daunting task with sellers often adding to more confusion with the aim of making a profit. laptops for sale in Nairobi

One fact that anyone who is an IT expert will tell you is that a laptop can look good on the outside but it may not be a good laptop to handle various tasks. Oftentimes, we get attracted to the color or the brand name but this may not be a good factor to help you assess a good pick. 

What are the specifications of a good laptop? - Laptop features explained

The CPU and RAM of the laptop

Most sellers often entice their customers by throwing out words such as "core-i5", "core-i7" which most buyers fall for but often don't understand what they mean. The computer processor enables the computer to handle different tasks. If the processor is faulty, outdated, or not up to the task, your working experience will be quite slow. 

What you should know: You can always do upgrades on a computer on parts such as the battery, RAM, charger, and laptop body. what you cant upgrade easily is the CPU. 

Tip: A core-i5 or core i-7 laptop should be efficient to handle any task. Although these laptops are the best be ready to pay a lot of money as they are quite pricy. Moreover, Always lookout for a laptop with at least 4 to 8 GB RAM size.

The Operating System To be used

Most laptops are designed to work well with a certain type of operating system. That means that if a laptop is designed to work with Linux OS or iOS, it may be a  hard task for you to install and work with another OS. Although this is possible and should be left to experts only. Another thing is that you should look out for the Operating System that you are familiar with. Most college students often pick Windows OS. Therefore, it is vital to choose a laptop that has windows installed on it. 

What you should know: When purchasing a laptop, always inform the laptop seller what you intend to use it for. When you do so, they will be in a better position to pick a good laptop for you according to your budget.

Tip: If you need to work on a Linux laptop, it may be possible to do so as you can install another OS through the virtual box.

Laptop Storage Space

Storage space is an essential aspect that you should not overlook. Here is why: With huge storage space, you get the freedom to work and store your files without worry. Most laptops that have low storage spaces usually limit the efficacy of the laptop. You will need to consider space so as to store and have an organized file system which will make it easy for you as you work on different projects.

What to look for: Go for at least 500 GB of storage and above. Storage space can always be upgraded so this means that you can always choose to change a hard drive when you have a better choice.

The Price of the Laptop - laptop price in Nairobi

It is always good to stick to your price budget. You will come to know that most exclusive features on a laptop often influence its price to go up. Oftentimes, you may find that you are purchasing an expensive laptop that is unreliable.

What you should know: Good laptop prices range from Ksh 35,000 to Ksh 60,000. Most laptops such as HP laptops with Core-i5 processors may go for KSh. 35,000 to Ksh 46,000 while a Core i7 will range between Ksh. 50,000 to 65,000. new hp laptop prices in Kenya

Tip: Always do market research of the laptop you intend to buy so that you can bargain well.

Laptop Brands

Most people will advise you to go for certain brands. These laptop brands have been tested by different people who find that they work well and can be used for college or work. Here is a link to a list of laptop brands that you should go for. 

Certain brands also have a wide range of availability of spare parts when it comes to upgrading components or repairing them. Avoiding brands that are not known can save you a lot of money as their accessories may be hard to find and they may not have a reasonable price.

What you should know: Always ask the seller for a warranty when purchasing a laptop. A warranty protects you from losing your money when the laptop is damaged and can't be repaired. The warranty allows the seller to fix the laptop at a discounted price or in some cases where it may have been damaged entirely, the laptop can be exchanged for another one.

Battery Life & Performance

Why is battery important? Battery life determines how long you work on your laptop without having to plug in a power cable. A good laptop can have a battery performance of up to 5 hours. In some computers, there are settings you can set so that they enhance battery life. 

Good battery life is essential in working remotely to find different places where a power supply may not be available. You can always feel comfortable working outside the house when you can rely on good battery performance. Here are tips to boost battery performance.

What you should know: It is good practice to not plug your laptop into the power supply unless it gives you a warning of a low battery. In such a scenario, you can plug it in and continue to use it as you monitor the battery percentage. It is also good to shut it down and then charge it. Doing these will greatly increase your battery life. jumia laptops prices in Kenya

Bonus Features to look out for: (Graphics Card. Laptop Screen Size, Laptop Accessories)

Graphics Card: In some professions or jobs, graphics is essential. Jobs such as Graphic Design, Video editing, and 3D design require certain graphic cards which will boost the performance of different application software used such as Adobe Suite. 

What you should know: You can still work on your laptop without having to worry about the graphics card. If you need to install additional software such as Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, AutoDesk then is sure to get one.

Screen Size can also be a factor in most cases as you get a wider work display instead of having to strain to fit different applications on the laptop screen. Most standard sizes that you can pick are 13-inch laptops, 14" and 15" laptops. If you will be carrying around your laptop then you should consider getting a laptop with smaller screen size.

In this guide, we have gone through the various features and have discussed what to look for when buying a laptop for school work or any type of purpose. A good tool you can use besides this article is to Google the latest specifications which good performing laptops have and it is where laptop specifications are well explained. 

Are you in Kenya and need assistance in purchasing a laptop? Sites such as Jumia, Jiji, or brand shops available all over the country can be a good place to visit when deciding how to go about buying a laptop in Kenya. 

Our team at Daily Kenya can also assist you to get a cheaper laptop for college and work. 
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