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How to Make Money Online - How I Made 10,000 Kenya Shillings in a day using FX Pesa

How I Made 10,000 Kenya Shillings in a week using FX Pesa 

Have you ever heard of trading? Well, not the normal trading of goods and services but rather the buying and selling of currencies. If you have not, make sure you read this to discover how several people are making money at home. More precisely, how does fx pesa work?

Forex has always been a hot topic that has always emerged whenever people a striking a conversation of how to become rich big. However, some have taken this leap and have a teary story full of regrets to warn others. Worry no more, as I will explain what is involved in making money in Forex.

First of all, what is Forex? Forex is defined as the process of speculation of currency pairs to make a profit. To trade, one has to select a favorable currency

pair such as

GBP/JPY which indicates the Great Britain pound is being traded against the

Japanese Yen. 

In such a scenario, you who is a forex trader will either hit the sell button or

buy button as you speculate on whether the current price the pair is trading

at will go up or down. Easy right? Wrong! Those who continue to hit the buttons

carelessly and hope for a good return always have a story to tell,

I wish I did this instead.

And that is just gambling. Of course, there are some times when you will be able

to get your money back along with some profits but you will find out soon that

this short spell of guessing only lasts for a short duration of time.

Analysis: Technical Analysis and Financial Analysis

I also fell prey to the same. For one, to be successful, one needs to study

carefully the market patterns of how the price has been behaving previously.

Most forex brokers usually provide different frames on how this is possible,

such as the 1 min, 5 min, 10 min up to weekly, monthly, and yearly charts.

This can help you gain a basic understanding of what a given currency pair

price has been behaving. This is called Financial analysis and with some

good strategy, you will come to learn what makes prices move up and down.

There are a lot of videos and information providing you with strategies

that some “gurus” claim to work but I would highly recommend you to always

test for yourself what works for you and a strategy you are comfortable with

in terms of financial investment and returns.

Technical analysis is an assessment done by financial experts who study

different chart patterns, economic factors, and every factor in the economy

that can make a change to trading prices. For instance, during COVID lockdown,

do you know that the price of oil went below $0! 

Always learn, learn and learn everything.

So now that you are beginning to grasp certain terms such as financial analysis, trading analysis, etc. It is up to you to learn every term like a did so that you become a pro. Terms such as lot size, pips, indicators, stop loss, and take profit among others. I am glad I attended some online trading lessons with Fxpesa who were kind enough to highlight every fine detail about forex. Most of their live recordings can be found on their Youtube channel: Fxpesa Kenya. There they cover material on how to use fx pesa platforms such as mt4 and mt5 applications.

 Why did I choose FxPesa, well it was a starting part of my journey in terms of

familiarizing myself with the whole Forex thing. Also most surprisingly,

they offer you a virtual account(demo) where you get to play around with

the virtual trading only that the money used is not real.

This is where you get to test every little bit you have heard or

even the strategies that you want to make for yourself.

Fxpesa is giving you a chance to get a bonus every time

you open a live account with them.

Here is a special link to help you get that bonus as you get started on

trading the financial markets:

Use the link above to get a $15 bonus to start you off on the platform.

It is also quite easy to deposit money through mpesa thus you

can be paid through mpesa whenever you want to withdraw your money.

What are you waiting for, get started on trading, and secure a good financial


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